The Paris Opera
The Management and Governance
of a Major Cultural Institution

A book written by Philippe Agid &
Jean-Claude Tarondeau


The Paris Opera compared to three other opera houses in Europe and in North America

Other significant information when comparing the four opera houses

Differences in production methods : alternating shows with little or no repetition vs. semi stagione : a limited number of shows in a given period with numerous repetitions.

Differences in the financial resources available to directors, set designers, lighting engineers, costume designers, etc. The existence of coproductions which allow some variable costs to be shared by a number of theatres.

The degree to which ballet companies are integrated into Theatres. Integration goes hand in hand with greater autonomy of management: Paris. In Vienna, the Staatsoper and Volksoper ballets are joined, yet are not independent from the management of the two theatres. Complete independence in New York.

Accounting methods used. The Metropolitan in New York, as well as Vienna and Munich all have complete records of their accounts (Full cost method). Paris is in the process of creating complete accounting records.