The Paris Opera
The Management and Governance
of a Major Cultural Institution

A book written by Philippe Agid &
Jean-Claude Tarondeau


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Part 3. Aims and Prospects

Chapter 14. The Paris Opera in 2015

  • Maintaining the financial fundamentals
  • New strategic orientations
  • More radical reconsiderations to be looked at
  • Necessity and limits of economic rationals

Chapter 15. Governance improvements for the Paris Opera

  • Recent uncertainties in the management of different opera houses in the world
  • Build on recent improvements
  • Back to a contractual relationship between the director and the state administration through a pluri annual business plan
  • Increase in the responsibilities of the board of directors as the guardian of economics and pluri annual business plan
  • Clarify and strengthen human resources policies
  • Proposed changes in the board composition and working methods

As a conclusion

  • Possible evolutions in the choice of shows and programming
  • Audience as a constraint and a target
  • Focus on the professional and social prospects of the artists and staff at the Paris Opera
  • The Paris Opera, microcosm and mirror to French society?